Development Projects

While with the Department of Beaches and Harbors, I managed the regulatory aspects of a number of development projects within Marina del Rey. Because of the dual nature of the department (acting as a "public enterprise") as an asset manager with regulatory responsibilities, my role included assisting developers to negotiate the regulatory environment outside the department once projects obtained approval of the Marina del Rey Design Control Board. In the role of the landowner's representative, I negotiated many projects through county, state and federal agencies on the way to obtaining approval for development. Below are some of the larger projects in which I was involved.

Marina del Rey Seawall Refurbishment Project - L.A. County Dept. of Beaches & Harbors
Negotiation of heavy construction in close proximity to apartment residences, restaurants and yacht clubs on 27 waterfront parcels in Marina del Rey. Owner's representative on project and interface with construction manager, project manager and various contractors. This $25 million project came in under budget and on time.

Dolphin Marina Apartments - Goldrich & Kest, Developer
Negotiation of development with the staff of the Department of Regional Planning and the staff of the California Coastal Commission.

Teaser's Restaurant - Dantone, Inc., Owner
Negotiation of restaurant renovation with Regional Planning Commission and Department of Health Services, L.A. County.

Fantasea Yacht Charters and Event Productions - Uri Ginzburg, Owner
Negotiation of restaurant renovation and major dock replacement with Department of Regional Planning, Department of Public Works staffs and local residents opposed to the project.

Panay Way Apartments - Goldrich & Kest, Developer
Testimony before the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission.

Fiji Way and Lincoln Boulevard Apartment Project - J. H. Snyder, Developer
Testimony before various City of Los Angeles bodies including the City Council, representing the interests of Los Angeles County.

Catellus, Inc. Housing Project - Westchester
Testimony before the City of Los Angeles Planning Commission, representing the interests of Los Angeles County.